Radar Illawarra kicked off almost four months ago, looking to fill a bit of a void in the Wollongong local music scene. There were awesome bands trying to get a little bit of attention, but there was no real avenue for most people to get to know them. There were a stack of excellent gigs happening in town, but they were always near-empty because there weren’t many ways for people to hear about them. Radar started because I wanted to help fill that hole…. just a little bit.

In the past few months, there’s been some truly encouraging signs from a music scene that was struggling; that was, essentially, on life-support. We’ve had Music Farmers re-opening for business; the music scene forum, which spurred people into getting more involved; new venues like CBD Bar, The Patch, Sol Studios and Dicey Rileys opening up, and more established venues like Otis Bar and Yours & Owls drawing national and international talent back to the area; and a real swag of young bands making their mark on the scene.

The scene is as alive and vibrant as it has been in years; and I’m happy to say that there’s SO much on, that I can’t do it all by myself anymore! For that reason, I’ve realised that Radar needs to expand accordingly.

I’m calling for WRITERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, VIDEOGRAPHERS and anyone else who wants to get involved with Radar, to throw their hat in the ring. I’d love to have more people to come onboard with Radar, to make Radar as musically diverse, broad-ranging and exciting as possible.

I want people to interview bands, take gig photos, review gigs and CDs, write news items, make videos. The scene is making a comeback, and Radar should be there to support it, to document it.

So, if you want to gain some experience, practise your skills, or just help support your local scene, let me know! Send an email (with your details, plus what you’re interested in contributing) to radar.illawarra@gmail.com to get involved; if you have some samples of your past work, include that too!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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