GIG GUIDE: June 27 – July 3


SATURDAY: Ten Years of HOPE fundraiser @ The Patch
(feat. Obscura Hail, Mind At Large, Disco Is Dead, The Nice Folk, Baby Machine, FUgG, Damn Fine Gentlemen, Topnovil, Bulldoze All Bowlos, Ye Luddites, The Merchants, Money Killed Jonny, Smasheddybash, George Eliot, Swinging Beef and the Daptoids, Hytest)
3pm, all ages, free

For sheer local talent, the HOPE fundraiser at The Patch on Saturday is our gig of the week. The 10th instalment of the annual suicide prevention fundraiser, it features a bumper, diverse lineup of new and old local talent from Hytest, FUgG and Mind At Large, to Topnovil, Ye Luddites and Obscura Hail. Kicking off at 3pm, and running into what will probably be the wee hours of the next morning, it’s a fantastic range of local talent, in aid of a wonderful cause.
Entry is FREE (though punters are encouraged to buy some merchandise on the day, proceeds from which go to associated charities), and we’re told that it will be open to ALL AGES until 8pm.


THURSDAY: Fait Accompli (acoustic), The Dead Gang, Obscura Hail @ Yours and Owls
8pm, $10, 18+

THURSDAY: Ghostwood, Chicks Who Love Guns, Carpet @ Rydges CBD Bar
8pm, $10, 18+

THURSDAY: Damn Fine Gentlemen, Kenny Bartley @ SOL Studios
8pm, all ages 

THURSDAY: We are the Emergency, Wake The Giants, Seek The Silence, Dividers @ Hostage X Nightclub
9pm, $15, 18+

THURSDAY: Vulpes Vulpes, Sylvain @ Wollongong Youth Centre
6pm, free, all ages 

FRIDAY: Helmet, Hytest, Arc Icarus @ Wollongong Unibar
8pm, $47, 18+ 

FRIDAY: Gossling, Ryan Meeking @ Otis Bar
8pm, $10, 18+

FRIDAY: Grenadiers, Never Content, Let Me Down Jungleman, Handsome @ The Patch
8pm, $10, 18+

SATURDAY: Syndicate, Young Braves @ Dicey Rileys
 8.30pm, free, 18+ 

SATURDAY: Blackbear @ Old Courthouse (Cliff Rd & Harbour St, Wollongong)
6pm, $10/$15

SATURDAY: Thy Art Is Murder, Wish For Wings, Never Content, New Blood, Transitory, Directions @ Lake Illawarra PCYC
5pm, $15, all ages 


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