In a bit of exciting news, Radar has officially come onboard the upcoming ‘Rock The Vote‘ campaign.

‘Rock The Vote’ is aimed at “celebrating the return of democracy” in Wollongong. As most of you would know, Wollongong council was sacked in 2008 after the infamous ICAC corruption and development scandal. The local area has been overseen  by unelected council administrators ever since. However, with the new government announcing that local council elections will be held on September 3rd, democracy is set to return to the Illawarra.

The ‘Rock The Vote’ campaign is aimed at increasing awareness about issues facing local voters and citizens, to ensure that we elect the right people with the right ideas for the future of Wollongong. Rock the Vote Wollongong will culminate in a CD compilation featuring local bands, as well as a live rock show featuring local and touring bands.

And now, Radar has come onboard as an official partner of the initiative and campaign.

Rock The Vote organiser, Rob Carr, had these nice things to say:

“We are very pleased to announce that we have added Radar Illawarra to our growing list of partners… The list of supporters from the music scene and the business community has grown exponentially – even before the official call was put out for local businesses to be involved, we have been overwhelmed with support from a lot of generous and community minded people.”

“As usual Radar Illawarra has been one of the first to get on board and support this major music scene initiative. Radar is a huge supporter of the Wollongong music scene and it is fantastic that both organisations are equally enthused about the campaign”

Carr says grassroots movements like Rock the Vote Wollongong! are central to progressive voters having a voice come election time, and encourages all members of the community to be involved.

He added: “There are a number of ways you or your business, school or community organisation can get involved in Rock the Vote Wollongong!

“We are quickly growing in terms of grassroots support. We also need financial sponsors, community partners and in-kind supporters from all sectors of the community.”

For more information on how to get involved and support Rock the Vote Wollongong!, email robcarr09@yahoo.com.au, and keep up to date through their Facebook page.


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