Local singer-songwriter Jack Reilly has just returned from his maiden tour to Melbourne. We had part one of Jack Reilly’s Melbourne tour diary over the weekend, so in the interests of ascending numerical order, here is part TWO; wherein Jack sees Red Riders, a penis, Weeds, and plays a show.

Jack R Reilly Tour Diary Day 4
I had my first experience with Melbourne night life last night. It was the infamous Northcote Social Club. ‘Twas a very fun time, Saw Red Riders’ second last show ever. Very special. Ok, later.

Day 5
Sam and I busked. A man showed us his penis. Not kidding.

Day 6
Today was insain. It’s about 1:00am and I just got home. Today I met the dude who owns spidermanthemusical.com.au, really nice dude. I had an excellent Vietnamese Chicken roll, watched two episodes or Weeds and two episodes of Arrested Development. Before I knew it, It was 3:00pm and it was time for sound check. I caught the tram into Smiths St, and walked to Brunswick and arrived at The Workers Club. I saw that the capacity of the band room was 200, and was told it usually packs out on a Monday. I was getting rad nervous. It was at this time that I met the headlining band, Playwrite. I was very impressed with their sound check, and my nerves were getting fairly unbearable. To make matters worse, Playwrite were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, they took me out for a meal and everything. Tops. So anyway. I started my set and was pleasantly surprised that people were actually listening to me. Insanity. Was such a fun set and a rad night. Ok so it’s my last one of these things, ok sleepy time, byyyyye 😀

Click here to check out Jack’s new track, ‘Panic and Alarm,’ premiered exclusively on Radar last week.


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