Something a little bit different for you today. Local muso Jack Reilly is currently down in Melbourne, playing some shows and generally being a rad dude, and he’s been kind enough to send us a little tour diary of sorts. Part 1 is below, with the next exciting instalment (hopefully) coming sometime soon!

Jack R Reilly Tour Diary Day 1
After only a few micro-sleeps at the wheel and the complete works of Johnny Cash, the all terrain driving skills of Adam Davis (best dude ever) has seen us arrive safely in Melbourne town. What’s up with turning right here?  It seems so strange, and the locals seem to have no idea either. Bizarre times.

Anyway, I’m super tired. After being thrown out of Crown Casino, I’ve truly discovered that house always wins. Hope you’re all well.

Day 2
There’s very little meat in this lentil burger.


Day 3
This tattoo washes out, right? I walked past the singer from Bodyjar today, so awesome. ALSO, SAM (siprioca) IS HERE! He demolished a bottle of moonshine he received from a man called Victor early this morning. After falling asleep in a few cafe’s, it was time to keep rolling. Josh, Sam, Grace and myself walked around allot. Almost hired a bike. Rad. Ok baaaaaaaai.


Click here to check out Jack’s new track, ‘Panic and Alarm,’ premiered exclusively on Radar last week.


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