With council elections on the horizon, and the infamous ICAC corruption scandal barely behind us, the upcoming council campaigns in Wollongong are among the most important in the region’s history. With that in mind, a group of local musicians and community activists have banded together to launch the ‘Rock the Vote’ campaign, aimed at increasing awareness of the upcoming election, and “promote progressive outcomes” for Wollongong.

The campaign will culminate with a big live gig, and the release of a compilation album featuring local talents. For all the details, and info on how to get involved, read the official press release below:

Official press release:

We often hear the phrase: “What’s the big deal, it’s just another election.”

In 2008 Wollongong City Council was sacked by the NSW State Government following an ICAC investigation into corruption.

Evidently, the vote scheduled for 3rd September 2011 is not “just another election”.

ICAC found that ALP Councillors were involved in a string of cash-for-development scandals. It also found that high-ranking Council managers, most notably the former General Manager (who is running for mayor in the upcoming election), had engaged in corrupt behaviour – conduct the ICAC report said ‘was liable to allow, encourage or cause the occurrence of corrupt conduct.’

The upcoming election provides Wollongong residents with the first opportunity since the corruption scandal to elect Council representatives. Voters will be able to elect and support candidates willing to deliver a positive and more transparent future in local government.

Rock the Vote Wollongong! is an initiative by members of the local music scene to celebrate the return of democracy in the city.

The campaign is an initiative by Robert Carr, a Wollongong music scene advocate, as well local businesses including Main Street Studios and Relative Silence media productions.

Rock the Vote Wollongong! is inspired by a similar campaign in the United States which promotes democracy and encourages young people and musicians to vote.

The ethos behind Rock the Vote Wollongong! is to promote progressive outcomes in Wollongong’s local government elections.

Rock the Vote Wollongong! will culminate in a CD compilation as well as a live rock show featuring local and touring bands (details to be announced shortly).

The organisers are currently looking for submissions from local bands for the CD compilation. They are hoping to include as many bands as possible. Bands and performers that wish to record a new track for the CD are being offered a special “Rock the Vote Wollongong!” discount rate at Main Street Studios.

For more information on how to be involved or to submit tracks for inclusion on the CD, email robcarr09@yahoo.com.au.


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