Wollongong has no shortage of bands, venues or people motivated to start a new music venture. We all know that. We’ve had many new band nights and venues crop up in the last eighteen months, with the Brewery, Cooneys and Hostage X nightclub – among others – each launching their own music evenings. However, as we also know, most quickly fold within months of their inception,

A point that has been made, is that these nights are dependant on the support of the pub or club in which they are housed. If drink sales or door takings take a drop, then music nights are out the door (case in point: the Harp Hotel). Excepting of course Music Farmers (which itself is limited in its ability to host live music), Wollongong does not truly have a space or venue that is solely based around live music; there is no warehouse space, no ‘venue.’ Something that has been widely agreed upon, is that Wollongong needs a space dedicated solely to live music, where drink sales and door takings have no bearing on the continuity of live music. At this point, there exists no such venue in the region.

Until now.

SOL Studios is an independent, community-run space in the heart of Wollongong. It is the home of SOL Illawarra which is is a newly formed non profit organisation, a collective of Illawarra cultural arts teachers, musicians and performers.

Most musicians in town would know SOL Studios, but they’re about to take a step into the general consciousness with  ‘Thursdays@SOL,’ a new live music performance night. Weekly gigs, with a focus on the more alternative aspects of Wollongong and Australian music, will be held at the large, upstairs studio space. Thursdays@SOL launches on Thursday 16th June with classic Aussie Band Spy V Spy with local band Mother and Son supporting.

Upcoming gigs:

June 16th: Spy v Spy, Mother & Son
June 23rd: Beatmeisters, Southerly Change
June 30th: Damn Fine Gentleman, Kenny Bartley
July 7th: Pom Pom and Chainsaw Mascara.

The aim is to provide a friendly all ages performance space where the priority is the music.

For information and enquiries contact Damion on 0416 204 674 OR Email OR Facebook “Thursdays@sol”



  1. great news! I really hope this goes off as a dedicated music venue in Wollongong.
    I’m worried about the location and the $15 entry fee for the Spy vs. Spy show.

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