Wollongong’s only got hardcore, metal and indie-pop bands, right? Nah, man!

Introducing one of the very few dubstep and electronic producers we’ve come across in the Illawarra; Stray Strings.

HIs real name is Chad Harlow, but under the Stray Strings moniker, he’s produced a few little samples of the shuddering, stuttering, wall-shaking dubstep/drum’n’bass sound that has so come to define Britain in the past few years. However, domestically – despite the fact that dubstep is essentially dominating the underground and club music world, and the commercial and popular success that overseas dubstep has enjoyed in Australia – we’ve had few acts flying the flag for Antipodean bass-heavy electro.

Stray Strings, then, is largely sitting in an uncharted area of music in Australia. The tracks he has published so far on his Soundcloud – ‘Step To This,’ and a remix of Katy Perry’s ‘E.T.’ – are, admittedly, a little choppy and lo-fi in quality, but that comes with the territory of being a bedroom producer. ‘Step To This’ has the textbook spacey synth elements of mid-90s European techno, yet infused with the wub-wub-wub of distortion-heavy bass that club-goers have come to know and love (or hate, depending on your personal taste) in recent years.

Definitely keep an eye on Harlow/Strings; he’s promised new tracks, and has plans to bring his music to a live setting. Check out his tracks on Soundcloud.

Stray Strings – ‘Step To This’


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