FRIDAY: Megastick Fanfare, The Parking Lot Experiments, Sealion @ Otis Bar
8.30pm, $10, 18+
Another rad gig coming up at the Otis Bar, for fans of experimental pop music. A whole lineup of up-and-coming Aussies, with Sydney’s Megastick Fanfare headlining as part of a national tour to launch their album, ‘Grit Aglow.’ Definitely turn up early for Sydney’s Sealion, however; they opened the show for Parades on their recent gig at the Harp Hotel, and were really excellent. They seem like a band just about to take off; more in the post-rock vein than the pop one, but they are a surprise and welcome addition to this show. Otis have begun to build up a bit of a reputation for hosting incredible small-name bands, and tonight should be no different. If you like your music with a heavy dollop of indie atittude, and a fair whack of feel-good pop and experimental, unconventional stylings, this is the gig for you.


TUESDAY: Wollongong Uni Band Comp @ Unibar
feat. The Pebble Factory, Goliath, Rocking Horse & the Baby Dolls, The Omissions, Tommy M & the Mastersounds
7pm, free, 18+

WEDNESDAY: Amy Meredith, Tonight Alive, Bridgemary Kiss @ Unibar
8pm, $23 (tickets through Bigtix), 18+

THURSDAY: The Walking Who + guests @ Yours and Owls
8pm, free, 18+

THURSDAY: Pegz, Dialectrix @ Harp Hotel
8pm, $15, 18+

THURSDAY: Losing With Style, The Multiplier Effect @ Wollongong Youth Centre
6pm, free, all ages

FRIDAY: Propagandhi, Stolen Youth, Lungs @ Unibar
8pm, $32 (tickets through Oztix), 18+

FRIDAY: Rocking Horse, My Little Underground, Greg Niven & The Forgotten Few @ Dicey Rileys
9pm, free, 18+ 

FRIDAY: A French Butler Called Smith, Beatmeisters, Kenny Bartley @ The Patch
8pm, $10, 18+

FRIDAY: ‘Songwaves’ compilation launch @ Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre
feat. Obscura Hail, Bennie James, Nick Rheinberger, Alex Intihar, Tim Bowen, Sam Hemmings + more
7pm, $20/$25 (tickets through SEC box office) all ages 

FRIDAY: Saralisse, Directions, Bloodshed of the Innocent @ Blackbutt Youth Centre
6pm, free, all ages

SATURDAY: Children Overboard, Bec Sandridge @ 5 Crown Lane
2pm, free, all ages

SATURDAY: Spurs For Jesus, Daredevil, Birdmouth, Handlebar, Last Trip @ The Patch
6pm, $10, 18+

SATURDAY: Penny & The Mystics @ Kiama Leagues Club
8pm, 18+ 

SATURDAY: Barefooted Souls @ Dicey Rileys
8pm, 18+ 

SATURDAY: Jon Lajoie, Beached Az @ Unibar
8pm, $39 General Admission (tickets)/$25 students (tickets), 18+

SUNDAY: Penny & The Mystics @ Jamberoo Pub

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