Local Legends

This is a section I initially wanted to heavily focus on for Radar; but after getting so much positive feedback for the other sections, ‘Local Legends’ sort of got left by the wayside. So finally, I’m getting around to it!

The idea for ‘Local Legends’ is about creating a sort of local directory of venues, promoters, studios and other resources related to music in Wollongong and the Illawarra. Many newcomers to town – and, indeed, more than a few locals – simply have no idea of how to access music in this area. So, accordingly, Radar will be starting a directory of people and places involved in music in this town; not only to raise the profile of these, but also to act as a guide to people looking for a way to access music in Wollongong.

In coming weeks (and hopefully months) Radar will be posting summaries for local venues, promoters, music nights, recording studios, reharsal spaces, and anything else related to music in the Illawarra.

Stay tuned!

If you would like your venue/business/venture included in the ‘Local Legends’ directory, please email Radar at:

Please include a brief overview of who you are and what you do, a short history of your operation, any address or contact details, and anything else you think would help people to access your venture.


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