A quick post regarding an important upcoming event for the Wollongong music scene; the 2011 State of the Music Scene Forum.

To be held at Music Farmers (5 Crown Lane, Wollongong; just up the lane from Otis Bar) on Tuesday April 19th, the community forum has been designed to look at the future of music in Wollongong. With the closure of the Oxford Tavern in 2010, the emergence and rapid deterioration of the live music nights at various Wollongong clubs, and a current shortage of venues, Wollongong’s music scene is in a state of flux; local music advocates have organised the forum to look at what can be done to support venues and bands.

Running from 7.30pm to 9pm, three main topics are up for discussion; music venues, music scene advocacy and music scene history.

As well as being a serious forum for discussing and debating ideas for the future of Wollongong music, forum organisers are encouraging bands, musicians and anyone interested in live music to use the evening as a networking opportunity; to meet like-minded individuals, form contacts and speak with fellow music fans.

The evening is a free, all ages event open to anyone interested, and will include performances from Bennie James and Sean Stinson. A post-forum gig has also been organised at the Otis Bar, to start at 9.30pm.

Early next week, Radar will feature an interview with forum organiser, Rob Carr; stay tuned!

For more info on the forum, and to RSVP your attendance, check out the official Facebook event.

2011 State of the Music Scene Forum
April 19th; 5 Crown Lane, Wollongong (Music Farmers)
7.30pm-9pm, all ages, free and open to all


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