If you’ve even casually perused the pages of Pitchfork, NME or – for the upwardly cynical among you – Hipster Runoff over the past few months, chances are that you’ve come across the terms ‘chillwave’ and ‘witch-house’. Not wanting to delve too deep into the specifics and nuances of the genres (largely because they’re ridiculous terms that have completely definitions depending on which pretentious music critic website you favour) but it’s basically all about chopped-up and reassembled 80s-style electronics, filtered and warped and stretched into a rippling, shimmering backing track that can be either light, warm and poppy, or dark, haunting and droning.

Such acts have been almost exclusively American in origin, but Wollongong’s Sam Clayton – producing solo tracks under the alias ‘Siprioca‘ – may perhaps be the Illawarra’s first exponent of this type of nostalgia-heavy, throwback electronics.

While not wanting to lump his work exclusively under the ‘chillwave’ umbrella, it is electronic-based music that borrows heavily from the distorted, warped sound that is so distinctive of the genre. However, perhaps for the very reason of setting his work apart from the hotly-debated and widely ridiculed chillwave, most Siprioca tracks are underpinned by live and traditional instruments; mostly guitars (not surprising, with Sam’s other musical project being the indie-punk group God Rest The Good Doctor).

An eerie, distorted, electronic-heavy backing track, warped vocals, and programmed drums herald standout track ‘Underwater Air Pocket’ (see below for a full song stream); an oddly tense and haunting track, it feels ready to explode into a breakdown at any point. A powerful, almost dubstep-like break eventually comes, but it is a track more mired in restraint than any wish to be an all-out banger.

These are admittedly lo-fi, low quality recordings – but hint at a real potential from this project. Sam told Radar that more (higher quality) tracks are on the way soon. For one, I can’t wait.

For more info on Siprioca, or to hear more songs, check out the Soundcloud page or Facebook profile.

Underwater Air Pocket – Siprioca


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